COPAC discusses global support for cooperatives as development actors at Legacoop workshop

On 30 May, Fran McCrae, the COPAC Coordinator, participated in the workshop “Inclusive growth in the globalization processes of developing countries: The role of cooperatives towards the SDGs”.

Jointly organized by Legacoop and La Sapienza University of Rome, the event was held at Legacoop in Rome, Italy within the “Cooperative Enterprises in EU Development Projects” university laboratory, as part of the Degree in Developmental Sciences and International Cooperation.

This year the workshop obtained the European recognition of “Jean Monnet Chair” for La Sapienza University, connected to the course of International Economic Policy and Development.

Ms. McCrae discussed the importance of global support for cooperatives, including mentions in key global policy documents and the role of COPAC in advocating for cooperatives as key actors in sustainable development.

“COPAC believes firmly in the essential role that cooperatives play in sustainable development, and therefore in achieving the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals,” said Ms. McCrae. “Cooperatives have the potential to reach the most marginalized groups (women, young people, older persons, people with disabilities, indigenous people) and bring them into the economy to secure their livelihoods. Cooperatives offer a solution for people in remote or rural areas to create their own economic opportunities and solve their community’s problems. Cooperatives provide a model for people to turn individual risk into collective benefits and to reach global markets through a unified movement.”

“By spreading the word about cooperatives and advocating for them at a global scale, COPAC is helping cooperatives participate in the SDG conversation and secure support from global policy makers.”

Event attendees included representatives of the Italian cooperative movement and La Sapienza students.